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Christina Milian Pops -- Gives Birth to a Girl

Christina Milian is three days into motherhood -- the singer reportedly just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!

Christina Milian

The 28-year-old and her husband singer The-Dream became proud parents to baby Violet on Friday -- it's their first child together. The Dream has three children from a previous relationship.

How long 'til Christina hits the beach with a bikini and a shredded six pack?? We're guessin' 8 weeks.

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nikki:  1742 days ago

i lovee herr viOlett is extra beautiful

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shaneil:  1695 days ago

your baby is very beatiful i lov u

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ryan millan:  1691 days ago

christy we love u and ur baby

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JAMES:  1660 days ago

why is it that men are not always faithful to their wives, you have a family,a home that is still very young,instead of you as a man to be focused and plan for the betterment of your family,most especially your little baby girl.if i will conclude i will say "THE DREAM" is a wicked father for not putting into consideration his little baby before doing what he did.A successful life is expensive,it will cost u something to become a advise for the both of them is to back to what GOD has join cos Without adversity u cannot know your strength,The dept of understanding you have determines your size of destiny,winners never quit and quitters never win.

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doris humphrey:  1468 days ago

Christina I am a very big fan. You are very beautiful and so is that baby girl of yours. Remember good things are headed your way.

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