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Gender Swap at 'American Idol'

An ill female contestant has led "American Idol" to change their entire show tonight ... and forced the male wannabes to perform a day early.

American Idol

"Idol" execs just sent out a release which said the guys will now be performing tonight instead of the girls, "due to medical issues which would prevent Crystal Bowersox from performing" ... so the girls will go on tomorrow.

In the release, it says everything will go back to normal next week ... pending there are no more medical emergencies.

Get well Crystal!

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Some Faustkateer:  1785 days ago

Reminds me of Janis Joplin. Man, can this gal belt out a tune. Can't wait to see her first CD released. WHEN??????? Not soon enough!

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Jim:  1750 days ago

This woman is the total package. She far exceeds any of the previous AI contestants. Win or lose she will have as big a career as she wants.

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borgen:  1750 days ago

not exactly a young viewer, but sure do enjoy watching crystal, since day 1, never voted for this competition but her performances really move me to, and wish for her success

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LOUIS MAURICE:  1750 days ago


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wendy:  1750 days ago are incredibly talented.......hang in there because there's no doubt that you'll win and Ohio and your family and all your friends will be here for you always!

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mayormd:  1750 days ago

Crystal you need to hang in there girl Ihave picked the winner of this show all but one year and i had you pegged to win when there were 24 of you still in it when this is over and you start totake over your life again it will be granda far cry from singing in subway for change you are one of very best singers that have ever been on that stage.Hang in there!!!!

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Marlene:  1750 days ago

Crystal.....girl you can sing! She has such a natural talent...and is so humbled...shes not fake.....she is who she is...and she isnt afraid to show it! She is one of the best I've seen on Idol yet!!! Ever! I wish her well! Win or lose....shes gonna be somebody!!!

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Tawfiq:  1750 days ago

CRYSTAL BOWERSOX is a winner from day one ...

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Michelle:  1749 days ago

Never forget that you were 'somebody' before you were on American Idol; we just didn't know you. ;)

Don't let them get you down and keep being yourself. There will always be some percentage of people in the world who are envious of what you have that they do not have so the more people who know you the more people that pecentage will represent.

Best of luck.

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faye:  1748 days ago

You are a winner crystal as far as I'm concerned,You stay and your dreams will come true.

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ruth anderson:  1748 days ago

listen crystal, you can do this !! you miss your family right, bring them out to be with you !! when you sing, you give me goose bumps. you could be a super star. now maybe the subway was a "safe" place to sing, but american idol can open doors for you and your son.
you are awesome, set your sights and go for it, america loves you !!

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