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Jessica to Oprah: I'm Angry at John Mayer

Jessica Simpson took a seat on Oprah's couch -- and expressed her "anger" with John Mayer's decision to talk about her bedroom performance in public ... though she did admit there was one perk from all the drama.

Jessica Simpson: Click to watch
In a segment that will air on tomorrow's show, Jess told the big O how she really felt about Mayer's tell-all interview with Playboy Magazine saying, "I don't want people to know how I am in bed."

As for the perk -- Jess claims her phone hasn't stopped ringing!

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Leila:  1794 days ago

I think Jessica Simpson is liking the attention she's getting regarding John Mayer's remarks about their sex life. She shouldn't be too flattered though - he didn't exactly compliment her. Sounds more like he's bragging about another one of his conquests.

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Terrell:  1793 days ago

I wonder if Romo will come out with his "tell all" about Jessica in the bed. Some of us guys would be happy to be able to just lie about being with Jessica. Thanks, John!

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Leyla:  1785 days ago

This woman is so phony - she can never get her story straight. She told Oprah she was upset with John Mayer for the statements he made, but acts like she's loving the attention she's getting. The truth is, John has said more endearing things about his other exes. Also, according to statements she's made, she doesn't believe in premarital sex - or that's what she wanted some people to think. Also, she says she and Tony Romo are good friends, but doesn't know why he broke up with her. If they really are good friends, wouldn't she know that? She's always contradicting herself, depending on who she's trying to impress. She's so unbelievable.

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