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"Bachelor" Loser: Jake Wanted to Get 'Physical'

"Bachelor" runner-up Tenley Molzahn says she was looking for love with Jake Pavelka -- but according to her, dude was just looking for some action.

Tenley Molzahn
In an interview with Ellen, airing today, Vienna Girardi's nemesis says "It was so important to me that I could challenge him ... and build that emotional foundation first. But we saw that Jake likes that physical level taken care of first."

Jake will be gettin' physical again on TV soon ... as a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars."

Comments (14)

bill:  1795 days ago

This guy is a homo! First!!!

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Kajsa:  1795 days ago

Seriously. Tenley, men have to have that physical magic. If they have it, then they think about opening their emotional side. Not saying ya gotta have sex, but you gotta have chemistry, and you two acted like brother and sister. You, my dear, were way too safe. Way too vanilla. Way too still hung up on how you had been hurt. Get a little spice with that sugar, sweetheart.

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jgzeger:  1794 days ago

You know, I sort of suspected that sort of thing was going on. Based on some tabloid reports about Jake, I don't think this guy is all that serious and is just looking to have some fun (nudge nudge, wink wink). And if I were just looking to have some fun, I think that Vienna would be a better choice than Tenley. On the other hand, I think that Tenley is the better choice for a serious-minded guy.

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Coco:  1794 days ago

Tenely's voice was like nails against a chalkboard. Vienna is ugly, and Jake is cheesy. The whold show was a big disappointment. Jake and his mock turtlenecks......LMAO!

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Avaleigh:  1794 days ago

Jake is not as nice as he looks. He is init all for the fame and now money. jake and Vienna will not marry if they do it will end in a cheating scandal. all this is for TV. Jake is the same as Octomom there is no difference.Maybe they can hook up and do a reality show throw in Tiger and just call it a circus of the stars.

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Mountain Jack:  1793 days ago

Jake is an immature idiot who thinks with the wrong head. If he was serious about wanting a wife, it would have been either Tenley or Gia. He and Vienna will have a short fling and then it will fall apart. The guy is definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

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Frank:  1793 days ago

Jake was the loser, if serious he would have picked Tenley, he thought with his little head and picked the "easy" one. When does he have time to fly? Batch and then Dancing, looks like a change is professions? Actually Ali was the best on the show and his X girl friend put them all to shame and Ali will have fun next year.

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Gizzle:  1793 days ago

Ali was the biggest bitch on the show, I hated her throughout the show. She totally did all her antics in order to be the next bachelorette, she didn't care about Jake. She wanted to be a bachelorette so she planned out her "oh whoa is me" antics, so they would feel sorry for her and choose her for the next installment. You are not fooling anyone. Tenley should be the next bachelorette, not Ali, throw her back, she's a loser and a poser.

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Shirley:  1748 days ago

Hi Folks. Hey it is only another TV Show, none of it is real

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Jon Sweeney:  1726 days ago

He should have just gone to, it probably would been more cut and dry.

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sandi:  1718 days ago


she was a fake. She did it for herself; Jake is a flake and likes to use women. He was trying to have a conubine have sex with all those women and then pick the best in bed.....Allie is a joke; hope she gets what is coming to her

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Mandy:  1697 days ago

I think Tenly was the better choice,but of course since there was someone there to take care of his needs, he chose her, she fell down the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down, you lost jake!!

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HL:  1685 days ago

Tenley right from the beginning. #1 in my books - definitely not Gia or any of the rest.

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Sandy D.:  1676 days ago

I like Alli. Didn't like Vienna. It's all so T.V..When all was said and done Jake turned out to be such a LOSER. Why even waste time on these shows when no one is really in it to do anything but lie to the people on all sides. The viewer especially !! Guess they need to really check these people out before introducing them to the public as "looking for love". They are all looking for a contract for their next show.

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