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Kate Gosselin at Odds with "DWTS"

Kate Gosselin at Odds with 'DWTS'Kate Gosselin isn't favored to win "Dancing with the Stars" -- in fact, according to an online bookmaker, she tied 80-year-old Buzz Aldrin for least likely to succeed.

According to, the mother of eight's odds to win the prized mirror ball trophy are 15 to 1 -- tying a man who was born in 1930.

The favorites aren't exactly surprising: Leading the pack is 2010 Olympic figure skating champion Evan Lysacek with 3 to 1 odds ... followed closely by Erin Andrews and NFL superstar Chad Ochocinco.

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Meetu2nyte:  1790 days ago

who care about kate - Chad Johnson is already practicing for Dancing With The Stars

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Rosalie:  1769 days ago

Kate is disgusting. The only thing that's balanced in her life is her personality and looks...both being extremely fake.

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barbee:  1767 days ago

Carolyn: you say if we don't know her WE should shut tf up. Well, since you don't know Jon why don't you take your f n advice. She stank on DWTS pure and simple. She should not win a contest just because she wants to win. She can't dance, her own statement, so she should not win. If she did THAT bad after 3 weeks of rehearsal for an easy dance how the heck is she going to learn harder dances in less than a week? Maybe she can claim a family emergency or some injury and go home BEFORE she's embarrassed by being overwhelmingly VOTED off!

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Laura:  1770 days ago

I stayed up just to see if she'd bomb on DWTS last night and she did, big time!! One judge said it looked like her partner was pushing a grocery cart around!! They said "well you're not an athlete or performer etc., so it must be hard for you" loved watching her face tighten up - she's so used to yelling and bossing everyone around. Hope she gets knocked off first round!!!

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liz:  1770 days ago

You are all just haters. I admire Kate for taking on the challenge and for that I will continue to vote for week after week. Go Kate!!

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heather:  1755 days ago

the idiots that have stood in line to buy her book should stop voting. This is a show about dancing. She can not dance. She needs to go home and take care of her kids. Like millions of other single moms. She is not special.

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heyjude:  1749 days ago

Kate should stop pouting and start listening to Tony. "Take the stick out Kate!" You were the one who said you wanted to laugh at yourself, so join the rest of the world !

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RENZ50:  1742 days ago


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