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Hospitalized 'Idol' Bounces Back

"American Idol" contestant Crystal Bowersox, who was hospitalized for an unknown illness on Tuesday, recovered for last night's performance episode -- and killed it.

Crystal Bowersox: Click to watch
Simon Cowell called her version of "As Long as I Can See the Light" by Creedence Clearwater Revival "amazing" -- and said she had the potential to be another Kelly Clarkson.

Elimination night is tonight -- we're guessing she's safe.

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Some Faustkateer:  1782 days ago

Crystal Bowersox ROCKS! My friend Robin and I both think so... Hey, Robin! Look at us! We're the first to say on TMZ that CB ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

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Janet Baker:  1746 days ago

I can understand Crystal's feelings. She has been frontrunner since day one. And rightfully so. She has what it takes. Personnality, the voice the know how , everything. But so did adam Lampert last year. W;hat happened there. Everyone wants to know that. But, he has made it big in less then a year and every cent is his own. Because he didn't make American Idol , all his money he makes is his . Idol, doesn't get a cut. So crystal, honey think this one through.

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ron alexander:  1746 days ago

Crystal is clearly the most polished of this group. good vocals, stage presence, and she picks great songs that fit her.Of course,looking back over the last few years Chris Allen over Adam Lambert?",David Cooke over anybody?,and Tyler over Dautry? Hey, Big Mike Lynch can definately sing and Siobhan Magnus is clearly a young talent. But unles Crystal falls on her face she should breeze! can anybody tell me how "teflon tim is still there? I mean, the guy cant sing a lick!

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bloom:  1746 days ago

even if yu dont win crystal your a real winner. and you will make it big just hang in... your good

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melinda osborne:  1745 days ago

I feel for Crystal too.I also was a single parent. It is very hard to be away from loved ones. Susan Boyle missed her cat Pebbles, terribly, but she stuck it out 'till her talent competition ended. Now,she's huge in the UK & worldwide; wealthy & happy. Diabetes is no picnic either; especially when you're sick. I'm sending prayers to Crystal & best of luck to win. She's been my favorite this season by far. She wants a good life for her son & donate $ for diabetes. That's what I call a real American Idol.

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pidol:  1743 days ago

Crystal lit up the stage tonight. So glad you stayed. When you sing your warmpth and emotion comes through, and while it shows more as you go on, I think you have always been connected to the songs you sing. No matter what happens you are a star, and you already have a fan base. You don't need luck, you just need to get in a recording studio and make the music I know we will all cherish some day.

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Joseph Castro:  1741 days ago

Crystal is, by far a true American Idol. The throaty songstress is by definition all "American" listen to her style and try to make comparisons,it's not that hard to see who her mentors were. Although Crystal is Crystal and doesn't want to be anyone else. I feel Crystal loves the songs she sings and the way she "Crystalizes" them. I think she is having a hard time being in the public eye because she does what she does for herself and the love of the music, as it should be. I feel there is a great fear of becoming a commercial success. If she wins, and she should,she will work very hard at giving us what we want from her, without selling her soul.

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Lucy:  1707 days ago

Siobhan should have taken this title tonight, but since she got screwed by the voting mix-up, I'm thrilled to see Lee took it home. Crystal will make her mark, too, but her audience will be much more limited than Siobhan or Lee who have great depth, range and marketability. Crystal is the same from one tune to the next -a Bonnie/Janis knock-off, but she's good at it. That alone will get her a recording contract and some great gigs. I think Casey has a better chance than Crystal of having staying power in the crazy world of recording artists. I'm glad the season is over and never would have watched to start with if someone hadn't told me to check out Siobhan. I wouldn't bother with it next year as I've seen all of the shows warts and wrinkles and it's not appealing to me. GO LEE!!!

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