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Ke$ha Slams Britney's Lip Service

Ke$ha thinks Britney Spears is a huge let down to her fans -- for lip-synching her way through live shows.

America's pop-squeak told UK's Daily Record recently: "[Lip synching] is treating people as if they are too stupid to realize you are not actually singing ... I don't want to treat my fans like they are stupid."

Baby Gaga claimed she'd never rely on lip-synching at a live show. As for if that's a good idea ... jury's still out.

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Rafa:  1794 days ago

Isn't that like the pot calling the kettle black? Britney paved the way for these little pop divas. People hate on her, but they can't seem to keep her down. For proof, just read "Britney Spears: Little Girl Lost". The bio will talk about Britney's successes and failures. Find it at: . It comes out in April.

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Kristine:  1786 days ago

Somebody please tell me how to get Britney's sunglasses!

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ryan:  1478 days ago

i love ke$ha but i agree with the hole britney paved the road and made it easyer for ke$ha in the indestry britney has been around for a lng time and she isnt going anywhere i lov them both but i grew up listening to britney and i still do so if she wants to lip sync let her atleast she is still making music that we all love

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DuesX:  1183 days ago

She is bashing brit, because of how shady brit has been about Kesha, most people don't realize but brit has been stealing Kesha's style for a while now, like she always does, nothing brit does is her or real.

Fact, Brti PAID Ke*****o write on her album, and the song was one of her only hits, after said song, she continued to "imitate" that song Kesha wrote over and over and is still doing so, brit has no talent or skill, so she does like one does in her situation and steals/copies.

Whats sad is how brit ever got big, her dancing is graphed, her songs are written by a ****** panel of writers then most sitcoms, and she lip synchs and has a stylist do her hair makup and ofc her outfits.

Why someone would like or love someone that fake is beyond me, oh and yea they are both ugly, but atleast Kesha has her own style and writes her own music(and brits).

So while you compare brit ro Kesh or Gaga, go look at the writers list on their albums, then brits.

Brit is no Gaga/Kesh?Madonna by any streatch of the imagination, and she looks like she has downs.

You're welcome for educating you.

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