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Lindsay Lohan -- Not Oscar Ready

We know one person who won't be at the Academy Awards tonight -- Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan -- Not Oscar Ready
A dark LiLo was spotted at the John Galliano Ready to Wear show today in Paris.

Guess "Labor Pains" isn't up for any awards.

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Lemans:  1764 days ago

TO LINDSAY LOHAN !!!!! Lindsay, listen to me. I'm speaking to you as a Step-Mother. I have watched your career since "The Parent Trap" and am almost disappointed with all the potential that you have! Lots of people go through some pretty devastating stuff, but hopefully there is family to carry them through. I don't know if your family is actually there for you - but I am. It's ok to crash for a while - but not forever! Whatever grabbed hold of you - kick it right where it counts and say NO MORE!! Take charge of your life - get help, no drugs, no smokes, no alcohol, no false friends. Jesus is not going to let you falter - and I'm letting you know that!! You captured out hearts as Annie and Hallie; you can again!! Get away from the dark forces - what have they done for you? Try living in the light - maybe it's not as exciting - but it's normal and healthy! PLEASE LISTEN TO ME! YOU'RE WORTH IT!! Don't spiral down any further - show business is just a vehicle to help you GET what you want - it's NOT what you want!! A lot of people care about you - but YOU have to do it! I pray your mother is there for you to help nurse you back to good health. Then use Hollywood to give you the good life you want - but live in the light only!! You see what the dark side has already done. My prayers are with you!!!!!

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