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Liz Taylor to Ireland -- I Got Your Back!

Kathy Ireland has a glaaaaadiator in her corner -- because Liz Taylor's now defending the former supermodel's robotic Oscars interviews.

Kathy Ireland & Elizabeth Taylor
Taylor took to her Twitter to slam the "scum magazines, print and internet who "trashed" Kathy on Sunday -- saying she had "never seen anyone epitomize glamour and grace and professionalism like she did."

And nobody knows glamour like Liz.

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aj:  1782 days ago

I love Kathy and I adore Liz. Kathy Ireland is a picture of grace. Just because no one can take proper English and pronunciation. No one epitomizes elegance and good taste like Liz Taylor, and I especially am so glad she never let her best friend Michael Jackson down and stood and still does stand beside him. She's special, she's real, she's a beautiful friend. God Bless.

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I agree with Liz. Screw you haters. Problem with Hollywood is there are no real movie stars left. Liz knows her stuff.


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Pray For the Beaten Up!:  1782 days ago

Kathy Ireland is a lady as is Elizabeth Taylor. Not too many left in Hollywood you just have too too many nasty j.a.p.s. Christianity is frowned upon because the controlling religion is Judaism and they hate devout Christians. Kathy Ireland is a millionaire the world over due to her profitable business savy and professionalism; she doesn't need any of those gigs at all!

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SANTAFEJACK:  1782 days ago

It's one thing to stick up for your friends, but Kathy was terrible on Sunday night. Her incompetence in that role does not say she is not a lady or a successful model or business woman. It just says she stinks at interviewing celebrities on the red carpet. Nobody does everything well. Let's get real about this, folks!

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Generation Gossip:  1782 days ago

I adore Elizabeth (she hates being called Liz) and think she is great :)

Check Out

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KeyLimePie:  1782 days ago

Kathy did great. She didn't screw up one word. People are nuts. Good for Liz.

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Rob:  1782 days ago

Yikes.....Sometimes when a person gets old they lose their site, memory and abilities to motivate and think properly. In all due respect to Liz she has lost her common sense. I could not believe what I was seeing with Kathy Ireland. Much too animated and fake. Those hand movements were overdone and distracting. As a style icon she was definitely out dated. Too much jewelry and her makeup made her look more like a wax museum dummy than a live person.


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Melanie:  1782 days ago

Come on people, Kathy did a horrendous job. It was painful to watch and listen to her. This doesn't mean that I don't think she isn't a good person, its just a critique of the job that she did. She was like an animated maniquin (sp?). I'm just wondering why Liz has a comment about this at all.

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carol adler:  1782 days ago

kathy ireland was flat out horrible whatever she was on or not on it was painful to watch and to add insult to injury there was nothing wonderful in her ability to speak or interact with her celebrities-oh one good thing about her- necklace was beautiful

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Kathy:  1782 days ago

You should be ashamed of yourself for saying Elizabeth Taylor looks gross now. She is a beautiful person inside and out.

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MyThoughts:  1782 days ago

So she wasn't the greatest interviewer ever, big deal. At least she showed up looking like a human being and not some stick with bolt on boobs and their heads up their asses. Geeze, people. If thats the worst she has done you people must be delightful as friends *Sheesh*

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PhillipP:  1782 days ago

What wasn't mentioned was that Liz Taylor was changing her Depends while she was Tweeting. Give it up Liz, you are too old and nobody cares anymore what you think. You are no longer relevant.

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Rico:  1782 days ago

All you guys dont know what your talking about. the job was to interview the celebs. Kathy did not to her job well. Thats it, who cares about what kind of person she is. she sucked at the oscars. thats it. she shouldnt do it again. understand the purpose of this.

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Todd:  1782 days ago

Agreed, Liz.

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J:  1781 days ago

Uggh, Kathy Ireland did a very poor job on the red carpet at the Oscars. She was really like a robot. It's too bad because I've liked her in the past, but I just don't think this is the right kind of gig for her. All of the ABC red-carpet interviewers (except for Sherry Shepard) were really awful--very amateurish, like small-market TV anchors trying to make it big but just not succeeding. Oh well. I hope ABC gets its act together for next year and hires better talent.

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