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'Precious' Busts a Move

She may not have won an Oscar, but "Precious" star Gabourey Sidibe still got her groove on at a taping of "America's Best Dance Crew" on Tuesday night.

The 26-year-old rising star strutted her stuff for former boy bander turned 'ABDC' judge JC Chasez.


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kristine:  1744 days ago


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Tina:  1743 days ago

LOL ^ So true

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colacouture:  1743 days ago

that is so mean! she is a beautiful girl, and soooo talented. i have feeling that she is going to do alo of amazing things, and people like you won't stop her from doing it.
team gabourey!!!

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ELI:  1743 days ago

What do they mean (those mean people) who say there are no parts out there for Gabourey Sidibe???????????????????????

I hear they are planning a movie about the first black woman to ever win an Oscar (best supporting actress, Hattie McDaniel)!

Let's see, who would Hollywood cast in this roll? Jennifer Aniston,
Angelina Jolie-Pitt; or Lindsay Lohan..........I don't think so!

It would either be Gaby or hey, what about Monique?

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jbaby81:  1743 days ago

kristine that is so not cool!!! :( #fail!!!

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michael:  1743 days ago

People need to stop glossing over the obesity problem in this country. Calling obviously obese people like Gaby "beautiful" is plain wrong. Women of a healthy size can be beautiful, a la Christine Hendricks. But Gaby is unhealthily large. Because of her size alone, she is more susceptible to diabetes & heart disease, just to name a few. Being dangerously obese is bad for the individual, and it's bad for our society.

Gaby is obviously a talented person. Gaby has a pretty face. And Gaby's charm and confidence really show in her interviews. But Gaby is not beautiful.

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Nicole:  1742 days ago

"Gaby is obviously a talented person. Gaby has a pretty face. And Gaby's charm and confidence really show in her interviews."

THAT is what makes her beautiful. Being an awesome person in her career and as a woman/human is what makes her beautiful.

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Nichelle:  1740 days ago

Gabby is indeed a very beautiful and talented young lady who happens to have some weight issues like the majority of us.And to say otherwise is just plain wrong.No she's not blonde haired and blue-eyed which for some strange reason would give her a free pass to be one of "the beautiful ones".True beauty is so much more than what's on the outside.Gabby represents the total package.Get use to it,HATERS!!!!

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Lynn:  1740 days ago

She clearly has more than just "some weight issues like the majority of us", Nichelle. She is at a VERY unhealthy weight. That doesn't mean she's not attractive. That is a matter of opinion. But, let's not skate around the truth. I'm a fan of hers, and I love her confidence. That truly is an inspiration to women who have body image issues. But, if she doesn't do something about her weight and health, she could be jeopardizing her own life. You cannot tell me that her cholesterol and blood pressure levels are where they should be. Also, that much weight puts a lot of stress on the heart. She doesn't need to ever get skinny or try some experimental diet pills. But, she does need to get to a weight that is healthy according to her physician, not her critics. There's nothing beautiful about being unhealthy when you can do something about it.

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supahJ:  1739 days ago

Why, Gabby already has more "rolls" than actresses 1/2 her size...

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terrific:  1317 days ago

Gaby is sooo grossly overweight. Her weight makes her unattractive to look it. This problem will keep her from ever being a star. She has a death sentence over her head. Obesity of her magnitude has a hundred percent of killing a person before they hit 40. John Candy and other stars have literally eaten themselves to death. This woman seems to be very affable but her girth will eventually be the end of her. Every article on google always dicusses her weight. She could do some great things, but she would need to lose at least 200 pounds. Like to see her set an example to others beset by the same horror that she has imposed on herself. A nice person but enormously phyiscally unattractive.

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