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LaLa Vazquez -- Melo's Not My Meal Ticket

LaLa Vazquez is marrying a big baller -- but she says she's still an independent woman.

La La Vazquez
In an interview with Latina Magazine, Carmelo Anthony's fiancee says "I don't think people understand how hard I've worked to achieve the things I have" -- and that she's accomplished a lot on her own.

LaLa also reveals how Melo proposed: "It was Christmas Eve ... We were in bed. And he said, 'La La, I love you. I want to be with you forever. Will you marry me?'"

The issue hits newsstands today.

Comments (3)

cookie:  1400 days ago

just like all of them she a gold digger
i bet my life this will end in less than 5yrs.

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cookie:  1400 days ago

he a gold digger just like the rest of them
this will end in less than 5yrs.or right after carelo
find a nice pretty young thing.

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hollewood:  1396 days ago

stop hating on her shes a pretty classy lady holding her man down ya just mad cuz nobody paying attention to yall ugly groupie asses

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