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Gaga & Beyonce's Looks -- How Much It Cost?

From precisely placed police tape to outrageous catsuits, the epic music video for Lady Gaga and Beyonce's "Telephone" is packed with designer digs.

Lady Gaga & Beyonce
In her lady packed prison scene, Lady Gaga wears a Search and Destroy studded jacket -- and though this one is customized just for her, a similar one from the brand would set you back $2,500!

Bey's yellow latex diner dress was considerably cheaper -- the form fitting Atsuko Kudo frock goes for $344, hat sold separately for $580. The Jeremy Scott Mickey Mouse glasses add another $440.

The cheapest accessory in the vid: Gaga's Diet Coke curlers -- 75 cents apiece from the nearest vending machine.

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Byrd:  1676 days ago

Man **** them celebrities and all yall dumb ass for yall comments yall need to be trying to get yall's why yall worrying about they ass **** them two hoes real talk and if you dont like what i posted all yall can kiss my ass big ups...............

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Aebopinion:  1660 days ago

I am on the fence with this one. Musically, they are talented. However, I do find a lot of Gaga's "art" disturbing. I don't agree with it, but I just don't watch it. Everyone must make a choice for themselves and their families. Personally, my family will not engage in her world of fame. As far as the satanic references mentioned...there is so much more subliminally influencing us. And seriously - I don't think Gaga is subliminizing anyone. She puts it out there openly. To pick on one artist is crazy. I think people would agree with me that Gaga is not getting a hidden message across. There is no way you can cast down everyone you disagree with. Teach your children right and wrong, but do not go on grammatically incorrect rants that make the "moral" community appear stupid.
I have to add one more thing. I think that parents who let their children idolize pop stars who play innocent roles but live immoral lives is more subliminal and damning than Gaga who puts everything she stands for out in the open. I don't agree with it, but I don't agree with people who do not look at the entire picture of what they are trying to argue. Thanks :)

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dean:  1653 days ago

hi im seven and i think ladygaga and beyonce are really good but the only thing i dont get is everyone is fighting now on yahoo everyone is saying bad words morons and other things i shouldnt be saying i dont get it you dont even now these ppl its funny to me let ppl live how they want to live

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