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Josh Duhamel -- Imma Be Kissin' on Fergie

Fergie had a good good night while in Chicago -- because hubby Josh Duhamel joined her on the road!

After performing with the rest of the Black Eyed Peas in Chi-town last night, Fergie Ferg was spotted with her hot husband at Enclave nightclub for an after-party.

There is the love.

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Jessica:  1782 days ago

I agree! They're adorable! I absolutely love them.

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Beau:  1782 days ago


Josh D. has alot to make up for after he slept with that somewhat ugly stripper.

The stripper had text messages from his REAL phone number so....he was taking a que from Tiger.

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tp:  1782 days ago

When is she going to dump that whore a.k.a. Josh Duhamel or JD when he is cheating, who couldn't even be faithful for his first year of marriage? It amazes me how women can be sooo brilliant in their career but complete idiots in their personal life. Fergie, stop listening to your heart and start listening to your brain. Your heart is going to get you a STD!

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