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Burglar Bunch Suspect -- Ready for Her Closeup

Alexis Neiers -- who's been charged with breaking into the home of Orlando Bloom -- is telling her side of the story ... with a reality show.

Alexis Neiers: Click to watch
Premiering last night, "Pretty Wild" documented Alexis' arrest and subsequent on-camera meltdowns -- where the model denied any involvement with the Burglar Bunch and said the entire situation was "not fair."

Just one question ...

Comments (11)

Concerned:  1778 days ago

The courts will decide her innocence or guilt! I am only concerned and discusted with the content of the reality show. There is a petiton to get this off the air already. here is the link

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Jillian:  1771 days ago

Im glad this is on the air all those snobby girls think they are untouchable cause there rich, well think again, she'll get everything she deserves. and the show stinks anyway!!

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Ashley:  1769 days ago

I personally think that they should continue the show. It's called reality. Stay strong Alexis!

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Petition to get PrettyWild off the air:  1775 days ago

Please SIGN THIS PETITION to Help us Stop the show Pretty Wild on E!-Against Unethical TV

Follow us on twitter @stoprettywild

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Marion:  1741 days ago

I like the show. Stay strong Alexis!

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Yeah Yeah Yeah:  1740 days ago

Innocent or guilty...I don't care. These chicks are so tremendously hot that I just want the show to go on.

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Richard Pierce:  1732 days ago

You do the crime you do the time. Grow up cry baby.

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Carmela:  1722 days ago

She is so annoying! She needs to pay for what she did. I don't believe a word that comes out of her mouth. Shes out of control and her trashy ass sisters are too. Idk why E! gave them a damn show because they are absolute nobodies. They need to go back to where they came from. Im so sick of hearing and seeing them cry. STFU already damn!

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Rachel:  1721 days ago

i just don't understand if she's rich why would she try to steal all that stuff?? i know what it's like to hang out with the wrong crowd but she knew what she was doing and would be caught. i like the show pretty wild and don't think it's unethical or whatever.. alexis will get thru this.

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crystal:  1713 days ago

until someone accuses you of something as big as this then put your two cents in...i know what it is like to be wrongly accused of something and it isn't very fun especially when people like you who think you know it all give your opinion. i wish her the best of luck whether she is guilty or innocent.

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Cakes:  1687 days ago

I think all you that want the show to be canceled are haters if you don't like the show don't watch it. Simple as that, they have the show because they are hot and they aren't perfect.

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