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Pauly D from 'Jersey Shore' -- Just 'Cuz

With his flame retardant helmet head in full effect, "Jersey Shore" star DJ Pauly D showed off his hairless, buff body while pumping up outdoors in Sacramento the other day.

Pauly D

GTL forever.

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penisnose:  1775 days ago

Is it just me or does this fool have a small head?

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Daniel:  1774 days ago

His head is fine, his body is in shape and his hair is in all the haters lets just keep it real, you wish you could be him and you wouldnt say it to his face cause we are all tough guys through email right? will say the wrong thing one day and learn this very important life lesson...the hard way.

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rachelle:  1774 days ago

woooowww is someone reallllyyyy comparing Jersey Shore to Twilight???

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Cramine:  1774 days ago

I think he is hot I do like the body,

But I would really like to see all of him if u know what I mean.

Dose any one know if he shaves south of the border?
I hope not..

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valgal:  1774 days ago

yes! i love this guy. he is the sexiest guy i've seen in my whole entire life. love me some Pauly D

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sara:  1774 days ago

someone should get a picture of him nakedd...
ouuu that would be an AMZAINGG sightt to seee :D

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Andrea:  1774 days ago

Why the heck does some freak always have to mention twilight?

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Amanda:  1774 days ago

OMG. He is my dream guy. I didn't think there was a guy out there like him..he is PERFECT. Like honestly PERFECT. Dammmmnnnn.

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Leelee:  1774 days ago


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nicole:  1774 days ago

Haters would say he doesnt have a nice body! Look you know damn good and well that this man is hot as a fresh pan of baked ziti!! smokin! U go on wit your sexy self pauly! ITALIANS DO IT BEST BABY!!!

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destiny:  1774 days ago

1.OMS He is SUPER Hot No DOUBT about that!
2.Jersey Shore & Twilight? Really lol People NOW & Days
3.Yesss a NAKED Pic will be GREAT!

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Jenna:  1778 days ago

first! and yummy(;

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erin:  1778 days ago

taylor lautner has a better body than him. the only guy from jersey shore who has a hot body is ronnie other than him twilight guys are hotter

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lucas :  1632 days ago

pauly d u r the coolest mother ****er hope to see you in person

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NotAHaterIJusttellTheTruth:  1531 days ago

First of all, to the clown that says "his hair is in style." Ummm. NO. It's not. Not unless you are a retard guido(or guido wannabe)from the tri-state area and between the ages of 14-25. I am from NY, and was in college when the blowout craze started... and those kids were geeks back then as well. Guidos are only revered(by young naive girls) in the tri-state area. I live in Cali now... and not only can you not find a blowout haircut, but these clowns were laughed out of the hottest clubs here. I'm not lying. So - NO his hair is not "in style" you clown. Let me know when you pass the age of 25 and look back at these fools and laugh. The fact they are now rich and swarmed where they go is honestly a testament to how ****ED our society is.

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