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Kate Gosselin: 'Jon's There When He's There'

Kate Gosselin tried to keep the topic on "Dancing with the Stars" when she co-hosted "The View" today -- but that didn't stop Sherri Shepherd from trying to pry some personal dirt outta her.

Kate Gosselin: Click to watch
A re-weaved Kate was asked how involved Jon Gosselin is with their kids -- both personally and financially -- and, well, it sounds like he's got half of it down.

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JusLoitering:  1749 days ago

Y'know, Kate used to look bad because she was always yelling at Jon. But having seen this guy in action without Kate to keep him upright, it's clear that he's a complete shlub, a lazy, good-for-nothing, attention-seeking lout who gloms onto anyone who will bring him attention and a free ride. His disinterest in his children is obvious, except for their potential to support him financially. No wonder she was yelling! No doubt she was completely stressed out from having to do it all alone, even when he was present. What a douche.

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bette :  1746 days ago

I am also sick of Kate and Jon. They are trailer trash and nothing will ever change that. I wish they would just get off stage. Some people never know when to leave. Apparently they don't. Who cares about their antics! I cringe when she comes on to dance and either leave the room or change the channels until she is off. I hope every week its the last of her. Jon is just as pathetic.

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Sherri:  1742 days ago

Kate is trying hard to keep giving her children the life they were accustomed to when the show was on. She is no different than any other celebrity. There are a lot of them out there with kids, who
is anyone to say what she/he should do. Its so plain that Jon wants back into the celebrity life that Kate has kept going for herself. And the money is a big part of it. Right this minute where would Joh keep his kids? On a sofa in his brothers apartment??? No matter what children need their mother, that is the truth.

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MeMo:  1741 days ago

OMG!!!! I can't believe you people are supporting her in a positive way. First of all, you just don't go out in public and belittle your husband "your soulmate" in front of millions of people. Jon had to be humiliated everytime they took the children out in public. Everything had to be done her way and her way only. Kate's way is the right way and there is no changing that. And for Dancing With The Stars, I think she should have gone before Buzz Aldrin. She was only doing the show for money and to send that rediculous I love you message to hear kids. She clomped around that dance floor with no grace. She uses have 2 sets of multiples as an excuse. She has people that come in and fold her laundry, does the ironing, ect..... I think she needs to go back and watch EVERY episode..maybe she will learn how cruel, mean, and hateful she was not just to Jon but to the children as well. Those poor children are not allowed to get dirty. Then she needs to sit down and watch the show Table for 12. Eric and Betty Hayes had and set of twins, then another set of twins, then came sextuplets. And one of the 6 children is a special needs child. You don't ever hear them bitching and moaning about time they "don't" have for one another. They just have to incorporate everyone into the same activity.
Kates main problem is that she is telling the kids she is about to have a meltdown and the children feed off of that thence for they go into a catastraphic.
And I will close on this observation: 1) Kate had plastic surgery done to get rid of "excess" baby fat 2) Kate tans everyday which is going to give skin cancer 3) Kate is obsessed with getting her nails done. 4) Kate has her teeth whitened 5) I truly believe Kate had breast in larged 5) Kate just had to go spend some of the money Jon IS REQUIRED to his children, and get those tackey hair extensions put in. Watch out Kate, when your kids are of age...they can sue you for every penny that you should have put back for them instead of using on herself! Now let's see, Kate has has a fake figure, a fake tan, fake nails, nails boobs, fake hair and a fake SMILE. Seams to me that there is nothing right or real on her person. com1; ,.


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Bonnie:  1735 days ago

Good Grief ENOUGH ALREADY! They both need to get over it. I have a really Great IDEA. Give the Kids to Kevin and Jodi. They are the only one's who seem to have a level head about them. I am SO SICK OF the JON JON JON and KATE KATE KATE HATE THING going on. Anything to get money from TV for selling their NEWS Story. ALL I ever seen on their Showe was KATE slapping Jon Degradding JON. And then on the Show watch it sometime Kate Run Around In Sweats and Long Sleeve Shirts. And Jon in Shorts and Tshirts and Sandals. Excuse me But Looks like some abuse going on someplace. Now Kate wears makeup and has a nice hair-do. And when out the children always are clean. But yet the funny one is When it was Jon and Kate they were always out with the Kids doing something. But we were always told there was NO NANNY! Now she has Nannies and House Keepers, and Body Guards. Excuse me But why would a non abused woman need a body guard. And Then WHy IS IT that Kate is all over the USA. Doing DWTS, The VIEW, The TONIGHT SHOW, and All these TV Shows Showing Pour Kate. And Jon is NOT ALLOWED any shows. And is ORDERED TOGET A JOB. What Does JON do to Support JON. He's to busy being a bitch dog in HEAT chasing another Piece of ass to get a job. I would be afraid to give him all those little girl. The way he is with the women. He just wants something to make money on.

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chirping birds:  1693 days ago

You hoser, who think kate doesn't bare any responsibility for the split, for you women whothink evrytime you get a divorce, that you are intitled to what ever you want, and want to treat men as the new second class citezen. women these days who have kids use their kids as a meal ticket as pawns to minipulate the court system, and thier ex's. It a shame that this society has turn to this. Although our children are important, all splits should be equal and fair. In what world, when two people get divorce and the guy has to pay thru the nose and suc***b to the will of their ex's??? Where's the fairness in THAT!! Kate should pay,(lets face it Jon GOT HOSED), If it was the otherway around and jon had custody he would still have to pay, so why shouldn't she?? The day will come when all this tension of unfairness will come to a boil, then what men against women, then what kind of society will we have then, and who will respect who??

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