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Dr. Phil Now a Grandpa

Dr. PhilDr. Phil McGraw is a grandfather -- because his son Jay welcomed a daughter to the family last night.

According to PEOPLE, Jay's wife Erica gave birth to Avery Elizabeth McGraw at 11:33pm Thursday in L.A., weighing in at 6lbs., 6oz.

This is the couple's first child.

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sarona moiteelasilo:  1554 days ago

I am a big fan of Dr phil and i am so happy for his son.I know he is going to be a good grandfather as he is to the whole world.I wish their family well!

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Debbie Pittman:  1443 days ago

I would love it if Jay and Erica were guests on "Dr. Phil show. According to other websites I see that a lot of viewers feel the same. Is Erica going to encourage her daughter to be a Playmate for Playboy? What is Jay going to say about the Dahm triplets all having girls within months of each other as the news played up pornographic triplets, his daughter being exploited as the Dahm Cousins? What will Jay think about Avery poising full frontal nudity as her mother did? Why does Erica still have hundreds, thousands of website showing her standing up wearing nothing but two vertical Hitler shaped moustaches on her V-jj, as Oprah refers to women's private area? Jay, does it not bother you AT ALL that with the click of the mouse, millions of pre-puberty boys, perverts, 75 year old men (or any age man or woman)sees your wife totally nude? I guess Dr. Phil or Robin are not bothered by porn anymore, or what behaviors may result from porn. I guess the entire McGraw family condones porn now that it is in their family. If it did, Dr. Phil would have addressed it on the engagement show. Maybe Dr. Phil has watched the porn movie Erica made. Maybe he just thinks his viewers are stupid and have never heard of her Playmate Playboy pictures. Erica must not think porn is wrong, she hasn't spoken against it. Jay helped many schools with their problems with bullies. Why doesn't Erica help in schools to stop the "sexting" problem? I know why. She doesn't think it is wrong. How can you, Jay, walk down any town, USA, and think to yourself, "Has he seen my wife naked. Does he "get off" by looking at her website photos?. Has your Dad , your Mother, and your brother,Jordan seen all the full frontal total nude website photos of your "wife"? And if they have, does that not bother you? Please tell me that she has had surgery to correct those hideous cantaloupe breasts? That's when a woman looks like she stood straight up and the Dr. just slice off the little boobies, stick 2 cantaloupes to her chest and cover them with skin. The "boob" surgery she had is like that, no natural slope from the upper part of her chest so they look natural. From the picture of the "Dahm Triplets" standing real close to each other, arms stretched across each others shoulders wearing nothing but those tiny vertical moustaches, I feel sure they ALL had the same plastic surgeon!! Not pretty at all. Many people wrote comments that it did not bother Jay because he is known as "Gay Jay". I had not thought about that before but he does have a "girlie" face and for that reason it would not bother him about many, many people seeing her nude. Most of those comments were from men and they said they knew it was true because of their sexual interactions with Jay. You, Dr. Phil are a hypocrite and you need to work on your family instead of helping others. BTW, besides money, what was Erica's pay-off. Dr. Phil, you said there is always a pay-off to an action or they wouldn't keep doing it, right? I would cut off my arm to sit face to face to Jay and Erica and talk to them on your show. Also, your lap dog wife, Robin. I know Dr. Phil will never see or read this letter because ,"you can't handle the truth". HA HA

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DG:  1416 days ago

BAD!!! I think their a classy family and I'd love to be a part of it. So what she posed nude. It was a long time before she and Jay met. Jay is hot by the way! Erica is pretty and their baby is adorable. I think it's awesome how Robin is at every taping. Just means she loves her husband and wants to be there with him. I bet he treats her better than you do the person your with. Sounds like you have nothing nice to say, like you know these people personally. Dr Phi may not be perfect but he's helped alot of people. You're just jealous!

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Debbie Pittman:  1379 days ago

Answer to DG. I think you are just stupid!! If you think that it's okay for Dr. Phil to give advice about being anti-pornography at the same time that he has a daughter-in-law involved in it then you are as big a HYPOCTIT as he is! BTW, STUPID, she was in Playboy a long time ago but search "Erica Dahm" on your Internet right now, if you are smart enough to do so. You will find thousands of websites of her standing, posing in full frontal nudity. That is going on right now fool. Get your facts straight before you call someone stupid. Sorry fool, but if the McGraws saw me, they would be jealous. Debbie

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