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Kelly Osbourne -- Leave Kate Alone!!!

Kelly Osbourne wants everyone to lay off Mama Gosselin for doing "Dancing with the Stars" -- but don't peg her Team Kate just yet.

Osbourne and Gosselin
Kelly, who took third place on the show last season, tells Us Magazine, "She has eight kids to feed, remember that, and if she is going to take a job, why not do one that is fun ... People really need to give her a break."

Osbourne's loyalty still lies with former partner Louis Van Amstel though -- she's gunning for a Niecy Nash win.

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kelly kay:  1770 days ago

I agree with Kelly Osborne....leave Kate along she has every right to capitalize on support her family.....get a life people..take your own one is perfect...who are we to judge her..she is a good mother

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casey:  1763 days ago

The woman owns a million dollar home, brand new range rover, $7000 for hair extensions,free material stuff for her and kids, free plastic surgery, spa treatment, lots of TV interviews, speaking engagement, book signing, five nannies to take care of kids. Kate is a millionaire and dont need to continue TV appearance. Majority of the people are more concern of the kids emotional spirit. Kate has made enough money to take care of her kids for a life-time and then some. If she is too busy taken care of herself, going on TV appearance, out of state, speaking engagement then she's absent in her children's life. Kelly, your statement isn't worth a penny! Someone has to speak for the kids...........GO HOME GREEDY KATE!!!!!!!!!!

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