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TMZ Tour

Big Names Show for Jay-Z's L.A. Concert

Ashlee Simpson, Paris Hilton and Ryan Phillippe all hit up Jay-Z's concert at the Staples Center on Friday -- but they weren't the only celebs in L.A. in an "Empire State of Mind" last night.


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joe:  1728 days ago

Big names? Really?!? You guys must be starving for some decent photos of ANYBODY!! More like big losers!!!

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Gotcha:  1727 days ago

Which one of these is not like the other? Remember that old song from Sesame Street? One of these three has an actual film career, the other two are that modern oddity, famous for being famous.

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why?:  1727 days ago

why do we care?

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bebe:  1726 days ago

i win you

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Aussi all the way!:  1665 days ago


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