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'Dancing' Star Andrews: Maksim's Off The Market

Erin Andrews says there's no hookup between her and "Dancing with the Stars" partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy because he's already romantically involved ... with himself!

Erin Andrews: Click to watch
The greatest love of all.

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sue:  1706 days ago

I think they are the cutest couple and I think they should see what happens. As for the Dancing with the Stars. They need to stop having people on the show that are already dancers or skaters ! come on Is it not obvious that they are going to win! not fair to those that work there butts off to compete with these people. Not a fan of this !!!!!!

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pat:  1705 days ago

I agree that people that are professional skaters, dancers etc... shouldn't be able to do this... This is about learning something new and how is it new if these people have some training in that. Need to make some changes on DWTS - My favorite show.

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Roxie Pruitt :  1705 days ago

It is a very entertaining show, but it should be more than that. To have entertainers competing for show is not fair unless they have no dancing experience. It detracts from real competition. Where is the real competition?

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winnie:  1696 days ago

People should be voting for those stars that did'nt know how to dance when they first entered the DWTS: not the ones that already knew how to dance

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