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"DWTS" Judges Not Gaga for Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin danced to Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" last night, but judge Bruno Tonioli was definitely not her biggest fan.

Kate Gosselin: Click to watch
Kate's dance interpretation of her war with the Paparazzi on Monday's "Dancing with the Stars" left Bruno saying: "You had the look of the super bi*** from hell!"

That doesn't mean it was good though -- she got an overall score of 15 out of 30.

Evan Lysacek
was the favorite with a score of 25 points.

Comments (5)

shishon:  1725 days ago

it was SO hard 2 watch!! "team kate" but wow that was bad..its like she really cant move her feet or her torso..hate 2 see her like this!!

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par:  1722 days ago

Holly Madison was better!!!

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sharon:  1718 days ago

I guess we are destined to see Kate Gosselin forever and evermore. I know this is one person who will NOT ever watch her on any show. What is she anyway but constantly whining and moaning about the "horrible" press she really secretly loves. She will probably be in the limelight for a long time thanks to you people who don't know any better.

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Matt:  1714 days ago

Anyone else think Kate and Octomom should be locked in a room together to see who makes it out alive?

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Lou:  1709 days ago

So glad she is off DWTS. She can't dance and all she wants is attention. She wants to be a star and she will never be.

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