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Demi Moore: Ashton and I Could Have a Kid

Ashton Kutcher & Demi MooreGet ready for Ashton Kutcher to be a father -- because according to Demi Moore, it's a real possibility.

No, she's not pregnant -- yet -- but according to Elle UK's interview with the actress, having a baby is definitely something she and Ashton "talk about" and "would like."

Demi says, "I have no doubt that if [having a child is] in our future, it would be another incredible part of our journey together."

Moore already has three daughters with ex-husband Bruce Willis.

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bella:  1657 days ago


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Thom:  1656 days ago

Wow, and I thought they wanted to save the planet in serving the BO in the White House. Having a kid would put more strain on Mother Gaia, surely Demi and Ash feel her pain. Or does Ash secretly believe in 'drill, baby, drill.'

Wow, again. Anyone putting stock in the stuff these tools, cute and entertaining though they are, are sort of bigger tools. :-)
Drill, baby, drill so D and Ash can live their lives in style and have kids if they want.

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Ijustwanttosaythis:  1654 days ago

She Could (but the risks are high) but she Won't. She would Never get the figure she paid a fortune for back and I don't think Ashton would go for that. He isn't going to "Tweet" her big fat butt is he? Her baby stomach flab? No, he's into her body too much. He's the Baby anyway, why have more, she's already raised her girls. Unless they're going to jump on the Sick Hollywood band wagon and have Twins! That whole thing creeps me out! "Oh look, they had twins, we Have to have them too!" "Oh no, they had twins, quick call the doctor, we Have to have twins". What kind of BS is that? How sick will Hollywood actually get? Out of control, anorexic, Drug and Alcohol and Sex addicted, Entitled, Nasty, mentally ill. They are paid a Fortuned they don't deserve for playing Pretend! I wish it would all go away and someone with brains would start the movie industry over again. No Free rides that we have to put up with when it all blows up in their faces. Salries that Fit what the "work" is. We wouldn't have to put up with their drunken rants and raves and serial baby making with all co stars and their multiple marriage and "unions" and their explosive ends! Our kids wouldn't want to be "a star" because without the high salaries it wouldn't be so appealing. I know! Let's pay our TEACHERS what these losers get and them what the teacher makes! Yes, that's it!

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Mee:  1653 days ago

LOOKS like talking about having a BABY is all Demi can at this stage of her life.


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Sick of Hollywood:  1626 days ago

I could care less if they have a baby or not... but let's get real: she's 50-something years old. When she gets pregnant with twins, like the rest of the Hollywood losers, I hope she's honest enough to admit that she used donor eggs. But, like the rest, she won't admit to using a donor... she'll call her babies "a surprise miracle" and perpetuate the dangerous lie that women and couples around this country believe: that fertility has no expiration date.

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caroline tailby:  1491 days ago

Ashton really NEEDS to be a Dad, he is only 32, he would grow a lot from the experience. He can be such a big kid himself, that I think he would make a GREAT Dad.

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