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Sam Worthington's Specs: Yay or Nay?

No, we didn't Photoshop this one -- "Clash of the Titans" and "Avatar" star Sam Worthington posed for pictures with and without his glasses on at the same event Wednesday.

Sam Worthington
The question is ...

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Mary:  1760 days ago

This guy would be hot wearing a potato sack and goggles. Doesn't matter.

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keiwei...yup:  1760 days ago

I agree. Sam is hot no matter what. I like guys with glasses, but the was hotTER with glasses, yay or nay, and I have to say nay to being hotTER...he's still just was hot.

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Jodi:  1757 days ago

Sam is hot no matter what he wears. But I
like the glasses because they make me want to take them off!

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Jessica Lyn:  1755 days ago

He's hot no matter what he wears!

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eliz:  1748 days ago

Agree with everyone. This guy is hot even a blind. Glasses or not, who cares!! I'd take him anyway :)

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