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50 Cent -- Takin' Off the Tatts

50 Cent is cleaning up his image -- by removing his tattoos!

According to PEOPLE, Fiddy is erasing the ink for his acting career -- because it "cuts down the amount of time I have to spend in makeup covering them up."

While he's de-tatting his arms, he says the giant "50" tattoo on his back isn't going anywhere.

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christina:  1746 days ago

I think this is EXTREMELY stupid...Tattoo's are are for life, they are memrobealia..NEVER to be removed..You're rich dude..You can be patient and let them cover them up for your "acting" career..My opnion.

Thank you.

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Amber:  1746 days ago

NOOOOO!!!! :(

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Jay:  1692 days ago

Hey 50, your tats are meaningless and only point to a life of violence and drug pushing. How tough will you look when you're old and have all that useless ink from a by-gone era? Take them off and have some dignity. Good man.

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Renee:  1692 days ago

I applaud 50 for making a mature decision to support his acting career. Removing the tatoos is not going to make or break him. He already has success.

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Ladyprez1:  1691 days ago

He is maturing. It the tatts don't have meaning in his life anymore that he should get rid of them. Good for him.

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Kes:  1631 days ago

Love 50 for being okay with erasing some of his choices. He is changing and moving forward..for the better I think and we should bee supportive. Alot of times we hold on to meaningless things and with that is a whole lot of baggage too.

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