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Kim Kardashian -- Minus the Photoshop

Kim Kardashian is curvy -- "and proud of it."

Kim agreed to do a retouch-free photo shoot for the new issue of Harper's Bazaar -- and the results are stunning.

Jessica Simpson just did a similar shoot for Marie Claire -- where she appeared in minimal makeup.

Comments (9)

hahaha:  1751 days ago

Yea flippin right, its just a publicity stunt so she can go around bragging that she has pictures out that are not photo shopped. This hoe self absorbed, shes so into her self and prancing around like shes some damn goddess....

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Tina:  1748 days ago

I understand and agree that Kim is beautiful, BUT enough is enough. Khloe and Kourtney are CONSTANTLY on the covers of magazines for the "weight loss" etc. There are other stars that society are wondering about. It's to the point that the stories are the same just "reworded". ENOUGH it's boring already.

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byron:  1748 days ago

@Tina can you say H.A.T.E.R.?

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Sandy:  1748 days ago

I think she is Beautiful... Everybody is going to HATE on someone prettier than them... but hey you guys keep hating you are the one's making her famous....

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Priscilla:  1746 days ago

HaTERS....!!!!!! u losers will never looks as GOOD.

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Ashley:  1729 days ago

I think that kim is a very pretty girl, but yall don't knw is that we r makin them more richer and more famous by doin things like this.

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Ellidegg:  1714 days ago

sure sure, with the proper lighting and a good enough camera, and obviously a shot looking up where there's less undereye baggage, sure she will look "good" but honestly, that looks like it was hard to pull of a pose/facial expression that "wouldn't" require photoshop, and quite frankly even still, I would've opted for it anyway, I think she looks ragged here. run-down. I'm not a fan of no photoshop, on anyone.

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anan:  1695 days ago

kim es una mujer muy linda pero debe dejar un poco el botox, comparando su rostro hace 3 años y el de ahora se le ve mucho. Ya no tiene naturalidad!!!

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Jamila :  1373 days ago


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