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Kate Gosselin Finally Gets the Boot

Kate Gosselin won't be butchering any more dance moves on TV -- because she finally got cut from "Dancing with the Stars."

After her elimination, Gosselin -- who failed to impress with a foxtrot on Monday night's episode -- told the audience "I love everyone that I met" and apologized for being "a crybaby" during her run on the show.

Nicole Scherzinger, Evan Lysacek, Pam Anderson, Niecy Nash, Jake Pavelka and Erin Andrews will all be back next week.

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Mily:  1745 days ago

Chad OchoCinco will be there next week too :)

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sid:  1744 days ago

Cry me a river, Kate.

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paige:  1741 days ago

aww:'( i lovef kate she is my role model and insparation i voted as many times as i could ...123 the 1st week and by the end where i only got 8 votes pr phone 56:( i wish she stayed and won

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Anne:  1739 days ago

Why would someone that can't dance(Kate) do a show like this? It's also clear that she doesn't know anything about being married either! Those poor kids, all she wants is her "15 minutes of fame"! In 2-4 yrs no one will remember this nutty Mom of 8.

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