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'Lost' Star Monaghan -- All Broken Up

Sure, it's only one in a long string of questions surrounding "Lost" -- but what happened to Dominic Monaghan's foot?!

We got him limping around Beverly Hills with a boot on his left hoofer -- where Dominic said he busted it surfing in Manhattan Beach.

Monaghan's got surgery lined up for next week.

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Farley:  1740 days ago

I IMPLORE you to please refer to Dominic as Star of FLASH FORWARD. I love weird Sci-fi shows and they're planning on cancelling it. It's really starting to get good and it's still only in it's first season so please! give it a break and give it some Publicity!

Flash Forward on ABC Thursday's @ 9pm!!!

Up until this point - the whole planet has blacked out - save for a few people who were aware of a little bling that saved their consciousness from leaping forward in time.

The blackout was a mishap..but who is really at fault? Is this a global conspiracy or a group of uber-brilliant men who have a personal plot?

I don't work for ABC even though it looks like I do.. I just really like Flash Forward and I'd be really ticked off if they cancelled it. Sorta like CBS cancelled Jericho. Another show that had good potential but got cancelled before it's first season finale...and then recancelled after a 7 episode season two. Which only happened after Fans forced them to in a protest.

They never meant to continue the series..they just figured they'd cap it off and make the fans THINK they control what's on the air.

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