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Jake Gyllenhaal's Royally Buff Bod -- Just 'Cuz

By the looks of Jake Gyllenhaal's ridiculously hot jacked up torso, "Prince of Persia" will be amazing.

These pics from the heavens (by way of Popsugar) will have to do until you can feast your eyes on the full-length flick on May 28th.

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big al:  1733 days ago

what a beautiful man! unfortunately, terrible aging is one of the many flaws of the white man. they look super hot when they are in their prime & its down hill fast from there. where as blacks & latinos (especially blacks) age & seem to get better with time. how many white men have we gone gaga over in the past only to see them in 5 years & think "what was it about him again?" lol!

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suzi:  1733 days ago

He's still gay.

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kwajlady:  1733 days ago

He is so hot! And a good man - he was so great with Reese Witherspoon's kids.

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Oz:  1733 days ago

He never looked better!

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sid:  1727 days ago

I think he looks AWESOME. Eat him up with a spoon!

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nadz:  1680 days ago

why is everyone saying hes gay? i think i totally missed that ?!
anywho, i think he looks great. good for you bud.

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dips:  1677 days ago

i luv u jack......

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cynthia:  1522 days ago

Ok. i do appreciate how nice his body is. but he's just like every other dude on the planet! looking for a to young dim witted little girl as arm candy! why everyone insists he's a great guy because what they see in pictures is beyond me!

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misty:  1504 days ago

Wow!! Hot, but really needs to date his age. Better when he was with Resse!! WHy do they only date in their own circle? Lord knows it never works. She is just learning to live and he will soon be the past.

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hannah held:  1481 days ago


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