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Christina's Not Herself Tonight -- She's Madonna!

Christina Aguilera's racy new music video of "Not Myself Tonight" hit the Internet today -- and the dirrty girl is serving up a healthy serving of Madge ... with a side of Lady Gaga.

The song is the first cut from her upcoming album, "Bionic," which drops June 8.

Question is ...

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doesntmatter:  1732 days ago

First thing, Reminds me of Lady GAGA. second, I think that after having a kid, she would be more respectful to her crazy style..but oh well. Think it's too much and a wanna be Lady GAGA. The message she implies isn't one I want my kids to be doing.

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Farley:  1729 days ago

Didn't remind me of Lady Gaga AT ALL. It was like a more filthy version/homage to Madonna.

Look up Madonna - HUMAN NATURE.

It's like a rancid version of that. It's disgusting and I hate it. With all my heart and soul I HATE Christina's new video.

Forget Lady Gaga. Christina knows who she wants to be and it falls strictly under Madonna's shadow.

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jessica:  1729 days ago

I like the idea and words about the song but she is ripping off madonna and lady gaga

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Lisa:  1729 days ago

its so much like madonna in two ways.... Human nature and Express yourself... i love Lady Gaga but it was nothing like her at all, people are just throwing her name in because she has takin over the world... i love the video, good one x-tina!

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J. Wilkerson:  1729 days ago

I've been a fan of Christina Aguilera for many, many years, and I must say that this video totally disgusted me. She is either trying to reinvent herself as a Lady Gaga wannabe (and she will NEVER come close to Lady Gaga) or she is trying to resurrect Madonna (and good luck with that one..there is only ONE Madonna, and Christina you are no where NEAR Madonna). She should have stuck to her own style and not tried to act like someone else.... I sure hope her son doesn't have access to the television or computer and sees how his mother acts in this video. Totally disgusting.... But, on the ONLY good note, I love the song, but the video SUCKS!!

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shespy:  1729 days ago

Who cares if it's dirty? Since when is dirty a bad thing? The bible is full of sex. THIS VIDEO WAS NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN, IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT, TAKE PARENTAL INITIATIVE OVER YOUR CHILDREN'S VIEWING HABITS.

I don't care for it, but I just think the visual is typical and the song is boring. But sexual content? So what. People really need to grow up and stop acting like such giggling/guilty children about something so mild such as a music video.

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Michelle:  1729 days ago

Theyre all trying to one up eachother. Who can be the nastiest? Who can be the most disgusting? Who can look the freakiest?? Cmon, whats next? I'd be kinda curious to see lol

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LongJohn69:  1729 days ago

Messka-Mooska-Mousekateer, A Disney slut will soon appear. Who would have thunk it. A gal with REAL talent decides to follow Madonna's sick style. Looks like the video was made to please lesbian crotch grabbers and leather likers. And to think....she could have sung opera but chose THIS. You can't tell me there isn't something in the water over at Disney. The have a perfect record at growing future tramps over there. Walt's rolling over.

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Leslie:  1729 days ago

Just because she has a baby does not mean she has to limit herself. She is an artist a performer. Her job is to entertain. After watching this that is exactly what you are entertained. She pushes the limits and is risky. but at the end of the day her singing abilities are way up there. So she can do whatever it is that she wants.

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T:  1729 days ago

Wow. How desperate.

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darlene:  1729 days ago

I think it's hot and refreshing that she has a kid and has been married forever and she still feels sexy and free. That is totally inspiring and I want to see more of it. Madonna is nasty and old and a****. AND Lady Gaga is a dumbass media whore. I like chrsitina's style - she is not afraid to do what she loves- what she wants. AND I am happy for her she seems to be getting ****ed regularly.

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D:  1729 days ago

X-Tina, Christina Aguilera is an amazaing artist with a far better voice and show persona than Lady Ga Ga!! She can sing and sing live not be digitially enhanced. As for comparing her to Madonna let us just rememeber that Madonna is the Queen of Pop! and no one comes close, although many have tried. Christina stands alone on her own as a star, Ga Ga now that is an artist of the britney caliber! Manufactured, marketed and sold! This is real talent here!!

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Lisa:  1728 days ago

its funny how everyone is bagging the hell outta the video... i know christina would have some say in the video but maybe we should be bagging out the director who did the video!!

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hsa:  1728 days ago

As a married women with kids I thought it was great video yes similarities but she did these things before lady gaga. I feel that way sometimes...and a great song to dance to take away the video Great job Christina

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A-SLICE:  1728 days ago

It definitely reminded me of Lady Gaga, especially some of the dance scenes, but I don't really know a lot about Madonna so I can't say how similar she is to that. Too bad because it seemed like she was getting a new sound right around the same time as Lady Gaga, but Gaga was fresh and new and everyone paid attention to her instead.

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