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Hollywood Hits the White House

It looked more like a movie premiere than a White House event -- but last night, peeps like Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and The Jonas Brothers attended the annual Correspondents' Dinner.

Thankfully, Justin's hat was not also in attendance.

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Lina:  1732 days ago

Kim you are beautiful!! You look just like your mom in these pics with your hair up. Hope you take it as a good thing, people say that to me sometimes too!

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PolishPrincess:  1731 days ago

Way too much make-up! She is looking more like a tranny every day.

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BigJigga304:  1731 days ago

WoW! A sex tape can get you into the White House. Bin laden was doing it wrong all this time...

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Trooper Tom:  1731 days ago

Does she even know what the dinner was for? Insipid waste of time

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