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Beyonce's Steamy New Music Video

Beyonce's new music video may be for a song called "Why Don't You Love Me?" -- but it's pretty hard not to love it.

Rockin' a retro look, Bey really works it out as a sexy housewife doin' her daily chores in some slinky lingerie.

The vid was directed by Melina, who also did the "Diva" and still unseen "Put It In a Love Song" videos.

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Eric:  1733 days ago

So much for not messing with her "Christianity." She looks and acts like the lost.

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Breezy:  1733 days ago

Wow, what a role model for our girls in this world NOT!!!

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marilyn:  1733 days ago

I don't like it. I couldn't even watch the whole thing. Does Beyonce smoke too? Nasty, and she shouldn't have sunk so low.

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Kye:  1733 days ago

Is this the same girl singing 'Nasty Girl' few years back? SHAME!!

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Marina:  1706 days ago

She's attemting to be Lady Gaga. She looks beautiful but what a degrading and pathetic video.I'm suprised it doesn't end with her head exploding. She so full of herself.

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Deni:  1675 days ago

Beyonce grabs her breasts and playes with them while immitating some house wife wh*re,like WTF for real!Where is she going with these videos?

What's next Beyonce, a sex tape of you and Jay-Z?

It's also like there's some kind of a 'w*ore competition goin on between Christina's,Beyonce's and Ciara.Like they're all trying to top eachother and see which one of them can take it the farthest.
Thank God BET banned Ciara's 'Ride' video, that was really discusting!

Nuthin but a bunch of greedy and selfish s*utz.

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me!!!:  1450 days ago

WOW! all yall are dissing beyonce but when her music comes back ALL OF YALL will be singing right along making her rich. HAHAHAHA love you B!!

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