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Miley's Edgy New Vid -- 'Can't Be Tamed'

Miley's Cryus' new music video just hit the web -- and in it, she's no Hannah Montana.

Miley Cyrus's Edgy New Vid -- 'Can't Be Tamed'
The more mature (and winged) MiCy shows off her dance moves in the vid -- which first premiered over at E! Online and is for the first single off her new album, also called "Can't Be Tamed."

The record drops June 22.

Comments (25)

Lorrie:  1733 days ago

This song sucks. Boring as h*** and totally predictable.

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Ephie:  1733 days ago

Oh that's too bad, another Britney Spears in the making.

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Melinda:  1733 days ago

The music video was awesome and I love the way she is expressing herself and breaking from her shell!!!

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mary:  1733 days ago

What is she? 17 going on 34? When a adult has sex with a 17 yr old
it's a sex crime but sex up a teenage with a song/video and it's art. I hope see does well in life but..

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Christina:  1727 days ago

Stop being a hater because you don't have her money or fame. She is 17 you act like any of you were a V when you were that age. She will be 18 in less then a yeah so get over it!!

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ds:  1726 days ago

Wow that song sucks. The video sucks, the costume sucks. I agree. Another Britney Spears. No talent past ass shaking.

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sunshine:  1726 days ago

Miley is going down the wrong road, and she really is looking pretty much like dog doo doo. Her head has gotten too big and it needs to be deflated, something will happen in her life to make that happen because of the road that she is taking in life. Miley you soon will be looking like an old looser the way you are going. So good luck because people don't think much of you anymore

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Shane Dawson:  1726 days ago

Milerz is a hoe!

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Leesie:  1726 days ago

i couldnt even get through the whole video.
dancing? i saw no dancing. i saw some fancy walking, but precious little else.
only THOUGHT to be extinct? that's a shame. someone should finish the job. pow.

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Gabby:  1726 days ago

i love the song it great and the video very create. i dont know why people not likeing it she has to grow up someday she not gonna be hannah montana for ever soon she be 18 which is an adult. do yall except her to be the sweet like girl until she 30 please. let that girl be she rock and her career gonna get better from this watch

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Sara:  1726 days ago

Ok; im aware Miley is 17 until i believe they say til this november...& i know with her becoming older and no longer on disney channel her music, clothes, and lyrics are going to be more mature and her material isnt for the younger crowd anymore. But after watching the video & listening to some of the lyrics i see another brittney spears in the making..she has no clothes on or things too inappropriate. She is feeding the youth the right to be slutty and explict which isnt a good look.

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MileySucks .:  1725 days ago

Shes Actinq Like A Whore .
Another Brittney Spears Cominq Your Way .
Some ROLE MODEL . Now Little qirls Are qoinq
To Be Dancinq Like That & Miley Cyrus Is The Cause .
Shes To Younq For This Much Fam . Shes Disqustinq This
Video Had No Purpose ; Shes Tryinq To Be Like Lady qaqa
& That Will NEVER Happen . Get Some Talent Yuh Cant SHake It .

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Priscilla:  1725 days ago

I think she's just a little slut. She's been with so many different guys i lost count. How could her parents let her date 20 year old and give lap dances to 40 year old men. That's just disgusting and she should be ashamed.

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Fake:  1725 days ago

I hate how everyone her age tries to defend her because she's "just doing what people our age do." Come on! Learn some morals. I'm 18, and when I was 17 I didn't do stuff like that, and I live in the city of sin. This is just ridiculous. She needs to pull her big head out of her ass, if it'll even fit.

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ugh:  1724 days ago

I get that she isnt Hannah Montanna anymore and that when she is getting older she may have more mature videos but what she did in this video was a much to giant step. Even if she doesnt like that little kids are still on her doesnt mean they will stop watching. Plus the song isnt good, i personally think she got the same tune as brittney spears. Inroducing, A Fake Whore

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