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Bieber Has a Whale of a Time

Justin Bieber, his bangs and a sweet pair of red shoes hit up SeaWorld in San Diego, where he put on a show and met an adorable beluga whale named Allua.

Question is ...

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Sandy:  1510 days ago

let me talk to Bieber, this boy needs to be educated!

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sandi:  1508 days ago

Not cool Justin, you need to get educated on these issues stat, for you will certainly get flack -for ths "stunt". Take your money/fame to "THE COVE" will you !!!!??? Jeeeez ~

For the oceans ~

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Claire:  1508 days ago


This picture is only going to encourage others to visit places like seaworld.. should be ashamed Bieber.

There are so many places around the World to see these beautiful mammals in their own habitat, if people stopped going to places like seaworld, there would be no need to capture & keep these amazing mammals in captivity!.. They belong in the Ocean!

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Jonathan:  1508 days ago

Jesus Christ, it's seaworld, you idiots acts like this kid is out bashing the skulls of seals or hunting dolphins by taking a picture at SeaWorld. Calm Down

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kristin:  1508 days ago

I think Jonathan has missed the entire point the above persons are making- that keeping whales in captivity in places like SeaWorld IS the problem. There is a reason that Tilikum the killer whale has killed 3 people including his trainer, and it's not that he's inherently dangerous. It's that he is NOT meant to be kept in captivity. He is a wild animal, deserving of all the freedom a wild animal should be entitled to. Is the point laid out clearly now?

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lilian:  1507 days ago

gush you should look for good places to visit rather than going to seaworld

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Night Wolf:  1507 days ago

The new millennium promised so much hope - opportunity of new beginnings. Thus far, the opening decade has delivered little other than regression of the human species (on this occasion, in red shoes) ~ WARRIORS 4 WILDLIFE,.. for the animals

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Polina Gugudi:  1506 days ago

This boy needs a bit of edication!
Boy this is NOT cute,you are giving very bad example by visiting Sea World,you better use your fame to help anymals be relised from there.
Sea World is the worste place for a Dolphin,Orca or any other!This is a prison,they don't belong there..THEY BELONG TO THE OCEAN!!!
Famose people have stronger voices than others,it would be great if more famose people would use them for helping the helpless!
On this picture i don't see anything to smile about!
Do you know that Dolphins or Whales are living mostly till 40 or even 50 years in the Ocean?And at Sea World they are dieing at age of 5-7 years?
Next time before you promote Sea World think twice!

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Katieloveswhales:  1491 days ago

FAIL! Justin, you need to be educated on your failure of showing your little face at Seaworld, a place where whales are kept in places THEY DO NOT BELONG.

Can we lock Bieber or whatever it's spelled in a room for the rest of his life and see how he likes the lack of freedom or space?


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Sandy:  1491 days ago

Justin, not cool dude. The brutal slaughter of dolphins in Taiji is linked directly to the captive dolphin trade. Sea World has never come out in opposition to this barbaric practice. You and your parents could do the world a huge favor by going to Taiji and standing with the Cove Guardians. This would bring media attention to an issue desperately in need of headline news. PLEASE consider this request. YOU could help bring an end to the slaughter.

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