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'Smallville' to End After Next Season

SmallvilleIt's a bird, it's a plane, it's ... finally ending??

The CW confirms to E! that after the show's 10th season next year, "Smallville" will be going off the air.

The Superman show, which stars Tom Welling as "Clark Kent" (right), launched on The WB back in 2001.

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Davinci:  1717 days ago


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Brian:  1717 days ago

Well, I'll miss "Smallville," but now there's room to make another SUPERMAN MOVIE!!!

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Krystal:  1433 days ago

I think they should continue smallville It's the only show I watch I loovvveeee it it's amazing one awsome show Please conitnue.

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john m:  1318 days ago

it's a shame the show has to fini*****'s one of the few shows that dosn't have foul language in every second word.the world needs escapism shows like this.

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