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Megan Fox: I Decided to Leave 'Transformers'

Though reports say Megan Fox was dropped from the "Transformers" franchise, she's now saying she dropped outta the movie by choice.

A rep for the actress tells PEOPLE, “Megan Fox will not be starring in Transformers 3. It was her decision not to return. She wishes the franchise the best.”

Nikki Finke reported it was "ultimately" director Michael Bay's call to give Fox the ax -- and a new love interest will be cast for Shia LaBeouf in the new flick.

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Lorrie:  1717 days ago

Good for Michael Bay. Megan Fox runs her mouth too much, it has finally cost her some work and it will continue to cost her work if she doesn't watch what she says. She needs to just sit/stand there and be pretty since she doesn't know how to think before speaking (she's also a terrible actor but in Hollywood that doesn't matter).

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Brian:  1717 days ago

Gone but not forgotten... those will be some tough short shorts for the next hot co-star to squeeze into. Peace Ms. FOXXY!!!

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Julianne:  1717 days ago

I find her a bit of a wackadoo. But she's pretty non the less. lucky bitch!

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Pete:  1706 days ago

She clearly can't act, not very bright and ****y to boot. Everyone knows she was canned by MB - no spinning on her part will change that.
She is on the slow painful track to the Hollywood garbage dump.

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LoReNa:  1678 days ago

well im da biggest fan of megan fox.. i love how she act..she doin her best and thats f*** up she got drop from transformers 3.. anyways i not seeing that dumb movie without her f*** that.. and da haters can kiss my a**. love u megan.. MEGAN FOX ROCKZ....

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