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R-Patz Horses Around -- New Set Pics!

Robert Pattinson and his sexy, short new 'do were hard at work yesterday on the set of his new flick, "Water for Elephants."

The "Twilight" star was spotted leading horses around the Filmore, California set -- where Reese Witherspoon also reported for duty. (See more Pattinson pics!)

The flick is based on the book of the same name, which revolves around one man's experiences in a traveling circus.

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Ryann:  1717 days ago

Ok so the book is AMAZING!! but it looks like the movie is already screwed because the character Reese Witherspoon plays (Marlena) is in the book 21 and a brunette, and the character Pattinson plays (Jacob) is a tall and lanky red head!!! And in the book Marlena is younger than Jacob sssooo just based upon casting they have changed things around! so i really dont think the movie will be the same as the book which is sad because the book is ssooo good!

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