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Lady Gaga -- Crazy Costume Alert!

Lady Gaga is no stranger to wild fashion -- and during last night's concert in Paris, she busted out some brand new outrageous outfits! (Watch "Glee" do Gaga!)

Check out all the extravagant ensembles!

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Julianne:  1710 days ago

I can't see the pics! :( its not working, dunno if its my computer or you guys

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Lorrie:  1710 days ago

Ugh, she's definitely a butter face. That face is hideous - maybe it's the teeth? The eyes? I don't know. Either way it's bad news bears.

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Woot:  1709 days ago

The URL needs an "h" at the very beginning. Just put it in there yourself and you can see the pics.

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Cici:  1668 days ago

haha i remember when i was designing bras back in l.a with her, shes so bowie love you babe see you in 2 weeks i think?

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