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Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato Split!

Good news Joe Jonas fans, he's single! Bad news is, he's still keeping his ex girlfriend close by.

According to PEOPLE, Joe and Demi Lovato have broken up -- but they will still hit the road together this summer for a concert tour.
(Watch their GMA performance!)

The two, who met back in 2007 on the set of "Camp Rock," went public with their relationship in March.

Comments (14)

CJV:  1547 days ago

who is joey jonass?

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Angela:  1546 days ago

joe jonas is just another guy that likes to play with other girls feelings, only thinks about himself and not how hes gunna affect the other girl...he just another player and heartbreaker Don't get me wrong im a HUGE fan of them but until joe proves hes a cool guy and not a player or heartbreaker then i will start respecting him again.

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victoria oliveira da silva:  1545 days ago

how old he lost bv

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monika :  1545 days ago

WHO CARES????????!!!!!!!!!!!

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Trace and Joe Will Die:  1543 days ago

I hate Joe Jonas.
I hate Trace Cyrus.
They'll pay for this. I'll make them pay.
If you ever hear about either of them being dead. You'll know it was me .. and I mean it.

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Kassandra :  1542 days ago

Are Yuu Serious Yuu Don't Knoow Whoo Joe Jonas IS ?!?! He's The Funny And Hot Jonas Brother !!

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Yasmin:  1542 days ago

The reply to number 5. is Why do u hate trace and joe. what have they done to u. and why trace.

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cayyycayyy:  1542 days ago

number 5 hates them because they both broke Demi's heart as i understand.

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Shanie:  1541 days ago

Joe jonas is a player, nd he dont deserve women, he needs to go gay, nd kevin needs to dump da gold digger bitch that he hav deh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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kro:  1535 days ago

joe jonas doesnt deserve a person like demi she is really bad but she confront her problems what kind of guy live a person in a situation like this

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Ella:  1517 days ago

guys chill Joe did wrong but no one is perfect, Demi is awesome girl and maybe everything happen for a reason. but remember all person that have fame get corrupted at one point and I guess that what happen to Joe and now his with Ashley green so let see how long that will last...

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susan:  1515 days ago

Demi IS SO GREAT OF A PERSON .WE HAVE NOT MISSED ANY CONCERTS > HERE IN D>C> JOE WANTS HIS CAKE AND EATS TO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE GREENE GIRL SHOULD GO BACK WHERE SHE CAME FROM.SHE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!!! . and i dont think the Jonas will care anything about her ! (greeene) THEIR STARDARDS ARE IS MUCH HIGHER THAN HER . we all want joe and demi back together !!!!! (fly) back top where shes from . WE ARE PRAYING FOR demi to get the treatment >>.

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kt:  1509 days ago

You guys are idiots .

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Jenay:  1506 days ago

i want joe and demi bacc togetha and i want demi to stop getin jealous

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