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Simon Cowell: Lee DeWyze Is Gonna Win 'Idol'

Simon Cowell thinks Lee DeWyze is the front-runner this season on "American Idol" -- but a few years ago, Crystal Bowersox probably would have been his bet.

Simon tells Ellen -- in an interview airing later today on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" -- "If you'd asked me five or six years ago, one hundred percent I would have said Crystal [to win]. But now I've changed my mind. I think Lee is going to win."

Simon admits, "The last two years I've gotten it completely and utterly wrong so I don't think anyone is listening to me anymore."

This is Simon's last season on "Idol" -- after which he'll be taking charge of his new show "X Factor."

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Beckie:  1707 days ago

Simon in the past two years proves its not in the final performance that the viewers just judges the contestant its the way they grown with them in the course of the whole season and being the early front runner's has a curse

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DeWyze 101:  1707 days ago

Aww Simon. At least you got it right this time.

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