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Bristol Palin -- Hockey Mom in the Making

Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol Palin is finding out that being the most famous unmarried teen mother in America isn't easy, but it does come with perks ... like an interview and fashion spread in Harper's Bazaar.

In the new issue, the 19-year-old dons couture gowns and opens up about early morning baby feedings for son Tripp, long days working as a medical assistant, and being a spokesperson for abstinence. Regarding her baby daddy Levi Johnston, Bristol says "He is a stranger to me."

With her famous family's full support, Bristol proudly claims that in the future, "I know I'll be a hockey mom."

The new issue of Harper's Bazaar is on newsstands June 1st.

Comments (3)

alaskan_girl:  1537 days ago

what is the big deal about the Palins? I cannot understand the attraction to this family. I have lived in Alaska most of my life and can tell you that if there is such a frenzy over an alaskan family, there are a lot more interesting folks here to have on the news stands, or in politics for that matter.

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Roland:  1536 days ago

I'm glad that Bristol is trying to make the best of her few minutes of a lapse in her better judgment that did produce a very cute little boy. I pray that she will make a success of the rest odf her life.

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dd:  1527 days ago

Regardless who the people are, the statement "He is a stranger to me." is very sad. Especially considering there's a child involved.

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