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Glass Objects 2, Justin Bieber 0

Justin Bieber might want to start wearing a helmet.

We all remember when The Biebs had a run-in with a glass door a short while back -- but new video popped up on the Internets today, which shows him walking smack into a glass wall! (Hear Miley say she's not dating Justin.)

It's unclear if his bangs were harmed.

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Julianne:  1704 days ago

he needs to cut those darn bangs then he wont bang into glass geez! haha

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Farley:  1696 days ago

I'm glad I'm not the only one who knows that's why he keeps running into glass doors!

Stupid trend..

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lisa:  1683 days ago

i love justin bieber and his hair he looks better than all your bfs

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Justin Loverrrrr:  1647 days ago

If he hadn't been fiddling with his hair then he wouldnt have walked into the door aha :D aw bless i <3 him like major love x

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dylan nicole:  1555 days ago

hahaha....funny he ran into a glass door then another glass thing!
but i think its cute
but for him,it hurts big time!

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