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"Glee" Star Jane Lynch Weds Longtime Girlfriend

Multiple sources have confirmed "Glee" star Jane Lynch was married yesterday to longtime girlfriend Lara Embry -- in one of the 5 U.S. states where same sex marriages are performed.

TooFab has learned Jane and Lara tied the knot at Blue Heron Restaurant in Sunderland, Massachusetts -- where the couple and their 21 guests feasted on their choice of duck or sea bass and a 3-tiered vanilla cake with chocolate mousse filling.

Back in April, Jane confirmed that the two were engaged -- but hadn't set a date or location.

Jane's rep wasn't immediately available for comment.

Comments (17)

Nona:  1702 days ago

They didn't get married, they had a pretend wedding. Marriage is for men and women only.

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Thom:  1702 days ago

I'm thrilled for her. She is gorgeous, extremely talented, and seems like a wonderful woman in person. I wish her only joy and love in her marriage. Congratulations to both of them!

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Jeanette:  1702 days ago

Congrats to them both. Marriage is for 2 people who love, respect and care for each other - lighten up Nona!

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Jaz:  1702 days ago

Actually, they DID get married, since Massachusetts is actually enlightened enough not to listen to idiot bigots like Nona.

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Tina:  1702 days ago

Congratulations and good luck!

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chris:  1702 days ago

two arguments, marriage is a religious argument. If your religion says it's ok for gay people to get married then fine. Catholicism, for example doesn't allow that... On the other hand, most of the "issues" with gay marriage involve benefits for a spouse and how that's viewed. inho, who cares if you're gay, that should not be a political debate however you're not "married" in the sense of which marriage was conceived. Nothing wrong with that, just move on. If your religion says it's ok and even if you just love someone then it's ok.

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Benny Barnes:  1702 days ago

Those kinds of sexually-perverted lifestyles should not be recognized as legitimate. I hope the Supreme Court invalidates these type of ceremonies.

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Get a Nose Job, please!!!:  1702 days ago

How Disgusting!!!!!

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Abre :  1702 days ago

Thanks goodness that wonderful people like Jane Lynch have the courage to stand up for their love and get married; even with bigots like 'Benny Barnes' & 'Get a Nose Job, please!!!' shouting futilely at them not to.

Newsflash bigots: we deserve equal rights and will get them no matter how hard you try to stop us. Equal rights is inevitable. Deal with it.

Lastly: CONGRATULATIONS to Jane and Lara! You both look lovely. May you have many wonderful years together and may your love conquer all.

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lalli:  1702 days ago

grow up nona. this 2010, as long as they love each other, who are you to judge. you are pathetic and narrowminded.

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Joe Mustich, JP:  1702 days ago

Kudos to Jane and Lara!
Onward to equality and fairness,
Joe Mustich, Justice of the Peace,
Washington, Connecticut, USA

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Michaelsivak:  1702 days ago

The definition of marriage as between a man and a woman is religious, and the God I believe in wants me to treat people the way I would like to be treated - with respect and dignity. Congratulations to Jane and Lara!

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Janel:  1702 days ago

OMG Nona. STFU! Are you an idiot? It's not a pretend wedding. It's legal and acceptable. Marriage is not just for men and women. It's for those in love.

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sky:  1701 days ago

Shut up with the religious arguments and wish two people in love well. This wasn't a religious wedding, it was regulated by the state, which is perfectly legal and wonderful in its own right. Jesus loved everyone, it's disgusting that you can't and have to try to ruin lives.

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Kim:  1700 days ago

It's so good to see that she is happy and in love, and was able to marry the love of her life. I say congratulations to them, and all the best. It's too bad the bigots of this world can't be happy for them also. Maybe they're not happy in their own lives, so they don't want others to be happy. Jane Lynch is a funny, smart and talented lady who is loved and respected by her fans and peers. I'm sure Lara is as good a person, or they wouldn't be together. May they have a long and happy life together.

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