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"90210" Reunion for Ian Ziering's Wedding

It was a West Bev reunion this weekend -- as Jennie Garth, Brian Austin Green and Jason Priestley gathered for Ian Ziering's wedding.

Kelly Taylor, David Silver and Brandon Walsh were all witnesses as Steve Sanders tied the knot to Erin Kristine Ludwig Friday night in Orange County.

Green's GF Megan Fox and Garth's hubby Peter Facinelli were also in attendance.

After the ceremony, Garth tweeted "Had a great time at Ian and Erin's wedding. Kind of like a mini 90210 reunion. What a beautiful bride. Oh, and the groom wasn't too bad either! Hubba hubba :)"

The wedding was held in Newport Beach. Guess the Peach Pit was booked.

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Frankie:  1698 days ago

The wedding WAS beautiful. I have been friends with Ian since we were very little. Hes a great guy and shes a sweetheart. Ian never ages because he has been using this amazing new thing thats all the rage in Holllywood called the Galvanic Spa. I am now working directly with Ian building a team to sell this item. Check it out here If you want to be on Ian's team, be sure to contact me.

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