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Justin Bieber Teams Up with the 'Karate Kid'

Justin Bieber has a new sidekick -- "Karate Kid" star Jaden Smith.

The two J's joined forces for the new music video for "Never Say Never" -- a song from the "Karate Kid" soundtrack.

Check it out to see Will Smith's son rap ... and the Biebs do a crazy spinning jump kick!

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sky:  1662 days ago

That was so awkward. Jaden seems like such a snotty little kid. I'm sure it's a strange life being raised by celebrities, but I hope it hasn't permanently ruined his attitude.

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jocefina:  1651 days ago

they is so hot

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hannahmontana:  1481 days ago


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sophie:  1442 days ago

i luv jaden smith!!!!
he is cute!!!!

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jesseica :  1425 days ago

i love you JB & i think you are so cool ;***

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DenetiaMorgan:  1360 days ago

Am your big fan

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Audrey Bailey:  1329 days ago

I am so proud of Jayden. I grew up watching his parents and to see all his accomplishments so far it just makes me proud of this young man, of two wonderful parents that I admire so much, has followed in their footsteps

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Cookie:  1295 days ago

Personally, i think Jaden Smith is a total babe.
all those bagging him........

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firman:  1274 days ago

is very good

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