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John Travolta & Wife -- New Baby Is a 'Miracle'

John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston say they never thought they'd have another baby -- and it was a "miracle" when they found out they were expecting.

The couple tells PEOPLE, "We tried for several years, and we didn't think it was going to happen for us," adding "This is a miracle, and we feel blessed."

John and Kelly made the big announcement two weeks ago.

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jan Hunt:  1535 days ago

I am so happy for them,

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jack ruby:  1535 days ago

It is a miracle baby because he is gay and their marraige is an arrangement that the church of scientology sponsors and who's baby is it anyway ?

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Gayle:  1534 days ago

Yes, I agree. He is gay -- I don't know why she goes along with this lifestyle -- she probably received a donor egg with his sperm to fertilize in-vitro. What is so hard about people coming clean about their lives? I don't get it. If you're gay - say so....if you got the "blessing" d/t science interference, say so! With a younger egg it is not that unusual...

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Joanne:  1484 days ago

How ever thinks he is gay is crazy hi is so handsome and masculine far from being gay. He is distinguished and senses a presence you could only dream of. You are just jealous of him I wish him and his family only the very best. He has had an amazing career and he definately should receive an award for one of the most sexiest actors out their because he is sooo hot I feel now as he is older then back when he was Vinnie on Welcome Back Kotter. He is just so distinguished way more so than when he was younger he is just tall and so attractive and sexy she is very lucky to have him I would do anything to be in her shoes. I would pass out if I ever met him. Bless him his family and their new gift from God their miracle baby they deserve.
Best of Luck for now and always :)

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Libby:  1481 days ago

John may have his religious beliefs based on scientology which by the way is a cult.
However he is handsome, handsome and definitely NOT GAY!!

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Alice:  1480 days ago

What he is is amazing and his personal life is no ones business. He is an actor and his acting is the only thing that you need info on unless he wants to share with us, other wise butt out and get a life

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Robin:  1478 days ago

These sure appear to be John's biological children.
I can't see Kelly Preston staying with John for the church.
Maybe the man is bisexual. Who cares! This would really be between john and Kelly. Let the rumors die.
He seems to be a good husband, father and human being.
He has had relationships with many women. Can we just enjoy his work and let his personal life be?

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Betty:  1476 days ago

Wow some people are so jelous
be happy for them do not critize they have lost a dear child and now when God give them a gift you idiots want to talk junk they can not replace Jet but the now have another child to love just as well and i am very,very , Happy for them and for their daughter Bleu because i can feel the pain that they feel when losing a child
Congratulations JOHN AND KELLY

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