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Justin Bieber Measures Up to Stanley Cup

After performing on "Today" this morning, Justin Bieber came face-to-face with another huge star -- The Stanley Cup!

The Holy Grail of hockey was also visiting the morning show in NYC today and The Biebs took some time to pose with the famous trophy.

From the looks of it, Justin is about 2 Stanley Cups high.

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dino:  1648 days ago

Only professional hockey players who have won the stanley cup should be allowed to touch it. It is the holy grail. Some dorky little boy with a lesbian haircut should NOT be allowed! I am appalled... lol

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tiffayunifa:  1648 days ago

what a big cup was that?

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KPR:  1648 days ago

The cup made a tour across Canada last year, millions of people got to touch it and have their picture taken with it. My whole family got to touch it. It is an important thing to all hockey fans. If Justin is a hockey fan then he should be able to touch it too.

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katelin:  1521 days ago

justin biber is so sexy(:

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joy:  1469 days ago

you're so cute justin!!!!

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jade :  1348 days ago

coool big enuff :D xxx
never say never

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