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Miley Cyrus: I Didn't Kiss A Girl!

MIley Cyrus is slamming stories she kissed a female dancer on stage in London -- calling the whole controversy surrounding the show "ridiculous"

MiCy took to her blog last night to write "during my performance I supposedly “KISSED A GIRL” ... I promise you I did not kiss her and it is ridiculous that two entertainers cant even rock out with each other without the media making it some type of story ... I really hope my fans are not disappointed in me."

To the haters, Miley adds "GET OVER IT! NOTHING HAPPENED. THERE ARE WAYYYYYYY MORE IMPORTANT THINGS IN THE WORLD. Lets start focusing a little less on making up ignorant rumors and
focus a little more on world peace!"

If you missed the performance, the supposed kiss happens around the one minute mark.

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Claire :  1697 days ago

Miley why did you do this I you were my role model.I bet a lot of people are dissapointed in you,escpecially parents with the cant be tamed video!I'm not even allowed to listen to your new songs songs anymore!Even,if your dad says he doesn't care I bet inside he really cares for what you're doing.WOW!

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Leslie Miller:  1696 days ago

Let us FOCUS THEN on world and family peace and good music that everyone can listen to. NOT raunchy wild-girl-fun-time with matching grung fashion sense, smeared gaudy make-up, and the gready over-the-top Miley/Hanna ...tooth paste,cereal, personal care,and lip stick sales...HUM..SORRY YOU ARE NO LONGER A ROLE MODEL.... Go pick up a copy of TobyMac's album...we lose our faith but we GET BACK UP is NEVER TOO LATE TO GET BACK UP AGAIN... You are DOWN girl...see it now not later. The breath of fresh air you brought people is stale and dusty.

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Debbie:  1694 days ago

That's not called 'rockin out', Miley--it's called 'makin out'. Whether it was real or faked, it's still obvious what you were doing.

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Megaan.:  1693 days ago

She didn't kiss a's choreography and she doesn't have a ton of say in it. I love Miley and nobody will ever stop me from looking up to her(:

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Cate:  1692 days ago

Even if she did kiss the girl, I dont think thats a big deal. Being gay or even kissing the same sex isn't a bad thing. I'm not gay but I know gay people and nothing is wrong with them, so people need to stop being bias to gay's. Its very offending and wrong.

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Leslie Miller:  1689 days ago

Not it isn't wrong to think gay is wrong........?? Your ignorant.

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Pamela:  1685 days ago

She did not even kiss her. They get aweful close but they are not kissing. Wow why can't people just leave Miley alone. I see nothing wrong with her growing up and coming out of this little kid disney star. I love her song and I'm a 29 year old mom. I still let my daughter listen to her and watch her. I don't subject her to all the hatred everyone has said about Miley. She still sees Miley the same.

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avee:  1685 days ago

quit freaking out. she just got close to the girl. chill. people always need an object of their dislike. ever met a rebellious 16 year old? She is no different, let her be. Id guarantee half those out their wagging their finger have no idea what their teenagers do when they aren't looking and I can guarantee its worse than miley's dance moves.

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MeMe:  1679 days ago

she DID NOT kiss her!she was just rocking out with her!!!miley rocks and she's right.we need to focus more on world peace instead of stupid rumors like this.

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xnailpolishloverx:  1673 days ago

Pamela why don't you show the "miley cyrus so you think you can lap dance" video to your daughter and ask her if she's still a fan of her. Hurry up and grab ur daughter. The link is below.

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Don'tNeedToKnow:  1672 days ago

It's not like we are all over her trying to find rumours, but what the hell is she doing . Trying to be over-sexy, really? even grow ups know their limits??? Take somone like beyonce she's like 28 or some and even she knows her limits. Miley is being too random = Slutty, for her age i'm 17 myself and i would never ever do the things she does if i were popular. I do wear short things and do dirty dancing, but there are limits. And btw she's a disney star , meaning little girls know her and admire her please girl behave!!!! wtf it's Soooo stupid! She's trying to be a sex symbol in like 1 year at the age of 17???

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Tannek:  1666 days ago

she didnt kiss the closely she didnt
tmz is full of crap
tey need a life!

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Tannek:  1662 days ago

she didnt kiss thre gurl if u watch closely ull see

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Sean Stewart:  1659 days ago

No her its not kiss the girl why?If you look good at this,you think that happend.Look again that but No call acting it out.Trust me on it you known not truth,the picture look like are kissing.To me i watch its too on can't be tamed,Miley never to that her love the fan so much that why?

Sean Stewart

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marleny:  1552 days ago

miley, you are a bitch, is typical of you, you is a shame, shame, his disgrace, if I were your parents would be ashamed of you, alas, who is not, but anyway, MILEY, go to ****

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