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The Situation -- Livin' the Suite Life

You can give The Situation free clothes -- but that doesn't mean he'll use 'em to cover up.

The Situation

Celebs like the "Jersey Shore" star, "One Tree Hill's" Stephen Colletti and some of the dudes from "Glee" hit up the Oliver Rayn gifting suite for the MTV Movie Awards last weekend -- and while all picked up hoodies, Sitch was the only one who decided against wearing anything under it.

And we wouldn't have it any other way.

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jax:  1492 days ago

The Situation is the biggest thing to hit show biz since sammy davis jr. not only is Sitch a multi-talent monster, all the babes have gone ga-ga over the situation's situation (those abs!), plus an over dose of charm and what have you got? well...that's the SITUATION! i gotta feeling we're going to be hearing a lot about and from this kid in the months and years to come and i don't mean a post card!

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Braden :  1471 days ago

The situation is awesome...Everybody that talks crap about him are all haters and are mad cause they cant look like him or be like him.!!!!!!!!!!

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