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What's On Kim Kardashian's Face?!

Kim Kardashian just posted this photo on her blog, with the message "look what @khloekardashian just did to me!!"  -- so what's that green mixture all over her usually clean mug?

 Kim Kardashian's Face

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JR Jake:  1650 days ago

If I was a betting man, it looks like oatmeal and guacamole. I love both when eaten seperately. However combining does not look real appealing. I know it does a body good, I am not certain about the face but if Kim does it; it has to have value.

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Whatever:  1650 days ago

justin bieber threw up on kim kardashian after his mommy spoon fed him

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noneofyourbusiness:  1650 days ago

Looks like avacado on the face and crushed pineapple on her eyes-probably a facial.

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ANONYMOUS:  1650 days ago

Kim began to be pshycho
She has nothing to offer to the public we saw and know everything about her and her family

She is doing weird things and post the photo to the paparazi and the media to keep herself on the spotlight

Nothing is ridiculous or out of border (hanging with minor in Bahams) for her
if it keeps the media attentif to her madness.
what a great America.

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vindog:  1650 days ago

Shrek Spew I think. Bahaha

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FredClaus:  1650 days ago

She is doing her own "two girls one cup" show for fans.

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twilightmom:  1650 days ago

Hmm...looks like her and RayJ are back together.

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Joanna:  1650 days ago

Slimer skeeted on her face.

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Dick Pinch:  1650 days ago

Looks to me like she made a sex video with Shrek.

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Cliche Guevara:  1650 days ago

Damnit vindog you beat me to it!

I was going to say Shrek *******!

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vindog:  1649 days ago

Sorry Shrekkie, it was actually what popped into mind when I saw the green on her face, I think that makes me a sick minded comedian. LOL
I like your style though Shrekkie.

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secko:  1649 days ago

It looks like Martian jizz!

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FredClaus:  1649 days ago

Doing her own "Two girls one cup" show.

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Shrek25:  1649 days ago

facial by shrek

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