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McConaughey Clan -- World Cup Fanatics!

Levi McConaughey is the cutest lil' World Cup fan around!

Matthew McConaughey was spotted out supporting two soccer teams this week -- USA and Brazil, his baby mama Camila Alves' home -- and even picked up a matching jersey for his ridiculously cute kid.

Check out all the adorable family pics!

Comments (3)

noneofyourbusiness:  1690 days ago

Honestly, I really thought this kid would be a lot cuter than he is. Yikes! And seriously, cut his damn hair. He looks all poor and dingy.

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sky:  1690 days ago

He looks like his mom. He'll probably grow into it, he'll be a cute teenager.

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Kate:  1483 days ago

Seriuosly.... this kid is wierd with the eyes wide apart; his mom is odd as well.

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